The beauty of Thai Crotons and Croton Hybrids

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Thai Croton Hybrids


      Garden Croton (Codiaeum variegatum ;Fam.EUPHORBIACEAE )  is actually not an indigenous species of Thailand . In Thai language , we call them “ Go-son’ , deviated from a 100 year old name  “Gro-Tron” which was obviously derived from Croton.

The fancy leaf Croton was  introduced into the kingdom by Phraya** Paskornwongs , who imported the first croton from India in 1880 .

 ** Phraya is equal to lord.


The first  croton was named in Thai ‘Khaek Dum', meaning black Indian, and was very favorite amongst high rank courtiers since the reign of King Rama the Fifth. The photo of a  croton above was the first  round-leaf Thai croton 'Ayudthaya'  , derived fom cross hybridization between  ‘Khaek Dum' and unknown naturally



    After quite a period of time , Khaek Dum was distributed throughout the kingdom . Cross pollination were so popular that it turned to be a high expectant – high competitive hobby , resulted in the explosion of many new Thai-originated croton hybrids .

     Croton Show and Competitions were held many times a year in major cities since then.


Though crotons are renowned in  amazing capability to produce various leaf types ie. shapes, colors and patterns , Thai people always prefer round leaf croton to any other leaf forms. Hence the ultimate goal for Thai hybridizers is to create a new hybrid bearing   largest and most colorful round leaf Croton. Other leaf forms of Thai hybrids are spiral , interrupted (intermittently missing leaf blade) , recurved leaf - leaves curl back on themselves , or amazingly mix of all leaf types .  Western hybrids with such leaf types as broad leaf  , Oak leaf , narrow leaf etc. seem tasteless for Thai enthusiasts.

This above croton  was  imported   years  ago.

The trend of Thai Croton hybrids at this moment is shifting from simple round leaf to complex leaf Croton . However , the constancy is a must . That means if a new hybrids produce 2 round leaves and then 1 spiral leaf , this sequence must be sustainable .

The  above  was  also  imported .





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